Visiting Cuba is often described as a step back in time, but no matter how many pictures you have seen, it is still incredible to arrive there and see the old-timers cruising the streets and farmers working the fields with a plough and Oxen. 

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During a three week trip I toured around the most of the island, visiting Havana, Santiago de Cuba, Vinales, Remedios, Trinidad, Cienfuegos and Camaguey. Highlights of the trip was visiting the pre-revolution hideout of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara in the Sierra Maestra mountains, seeing the difference the UNESCO restoration work is making in Trinidad, having salsa lessons (and watching a fantastic display of their dancing) from the hotel staff in Remedios and cooling down afterwards with the best Mojitos I have tasted anywhere in the world.

Great music, friendly people, beautiful scenery and the opportunity to see a different way of life make Cuba an amazing place to visit - eat in a Paladare, a family-run “restaurant” where you might sit in the families living room or garden, and once it gets dark, check out the night sky - there aren’t so many places on earth where you will see the stars so clearly.


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